Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • chprav
    10-23 12:33 PM
    I've not get EAD and AP and been waiting for last few months. My wife got both EAD and AP. Is it good idea to call USCIS I/O about my status of EAD and AP? I applied for all 485/EAD/AP in june last week and got the notice on Aug 15th. Please check my signature for more information.

    Please suggest me.

    If I've to call, what is the procedure? Please let me know.


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  • mailmy_gc
    06-10 11:33 AM
    Update your profile first, To get help from from members !!

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  • STAmisha
    07-27 07:33 AM
    I'm in similar siutation. please message me

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  • vinodkumarn
    08-05 12:10 PM
    Please, can somebody post a format for the employment verfication letter to be shown at port of entry, i just want to make sure i have covered everything on the letter
    I am travelling tomm and will be coming back on AP



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  • sands
    01-22 07:06 PM
    would the local office give you the generated no if you have not received the SSN card in the mail?
    Yes, thats what they told me and I did get the number when I visited the office.

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  • dealsnet
    07-20 12:32 PM
    These forms are helpful.


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  • Anders �stberg
    December 13th, 2003, 11:49 AM
    I took this really lousy picture that should have been discarded
    as I couldn't get a good photo out of it. I thought I'd try something
    different in Photoshop anyway, I need the practice...

    Here's a scaled down original of a bird taking a bath:


    and here's a watercolor like effect that was the result:


    What do you say, is this convincing, and worth pursuing?


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  • britben14
    03-16 12:10 PM
    Thank you for your help. He does have a degree and is currently working in France. My question though is more what companies if any are sponsoring H1B Visas in the business management field. Thank you again!!



  • rbharol
    09-08 12:06 AM
    All I heard was "securing our borders" a couple of hundred times.

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  • black_logs
    01-17 09:29 AM

    during our meeting with the lobbyists in Washington D.C. one thing stood clear. We have to get our employers in the big picture and we need to meet the lawmakers. For this we are going to start this effort �Meet the lawmakers�. The material and corresponding will eventually come from the Lobbying firm. But in the mean time we need to build the team. Immigrationvoice Board of directors has given me the responsibility to build this specific team. Those who have will to give their best to this task Please contact me on black_logs@yahoo.com we�ll get started here.



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  • ShrutiJadhav
    05-18 08:53 AM
    Hello All,

    I have a certain queries regarding the transfer from L2 to H1B.

    My husband is on L1 and me on L2 with my EAD still under processing. However my husband's firm wants to get his visa converted to H1 which automatically cancels my L2 status and I would have to apply for H4.
    So now my query is for how long will his status of L1 be valid will it be till the start date of H1B, or the minute he files in his papers for H1B or when his H1B gets approved?

    Thanking you in anticipation.


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  • gkp.gaurav
    07-03 03:39 PM
    hey, how can i add the image right into my thread like other's? i have attached it here, but it shows only the "image attached" link. Till now 180+ peoples visited this page, but only 40 has seen my image :(


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  • ricky26
    08-28 12:37 AM
    If your current H1 is already expired, it is better/safer to use AC21 and join company B.
    else get hold of reputed lawyer and transfer H1 to comp B.

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  • go_getter007
    12-12 08:15 PM
    Simply going by the voting standpoint, I think between now and 08 elections, politicians will have little incentive do anything about our case (i.e., legal immigration) realistically. I'm not sure whether we represent a % of voter population that's high enough for them to place our case on their priority list. Moreover, giving us GC now will probably benefit them (in terms of votes) at least after 5.5 years once the GC holders are citizens and hence able to vote.

    Just my thought for what its worth.



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  • akshayae
    09-07 11:09 AM

    Members from the DC area will be meeting in the Great Falls (Virginina)public library meeting room from 1 pm to 3 pm on Saturday September 8th 2007. Members in DC/VA/MD areas are requested to meet other members to find out more info about the rally and importance of making this rally a success. The address for Great Falls Public Library is

    Date and Time
    Sep 8th 2007 Time from 1 pm to 3 pm

    Meeting Room
    9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA 22066-2634
    Ph 703-757-8560

    We look forward to meeting you at Great Falls Public Library

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  • visakk
    01-30 07:04 PM
    Are you coming through your current employer..? Then Let your Employer tell you what to carrry
    Otherwise you are nuts..!
    You must be still day dreaming, when all roads are leading to go back to home countries.


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  • BMS1
    11-02 04:58 PM
    One of the biggest gripe, that legal retrogressed immigrants have about the immigration system here, is that the current retrogression locks them up in one position far too long for them to grow in career. Either your company was not advised properly by your attorney or you were not aware of this simple rule that you need to work in the same job category (with as many employers as you wish subject AC21) until about six month passes after you get your green card. Otherwise you could run into trouble at some point.

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  • drak70
    01-13 10:43 PM
    DEPENDS on the cost of the bond/non compete agreement /penalty.if you make more money from new jobs which will eventually cover any penalties should they try to enforce a "suspect'agreement then go for the new job :).

    anyway getting a salary/pay is better than thinking about getting sued.:)

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  • bhagat69
    03-06 05:41 PM
    Hi, I am actually in a similar boat as you. Though I have an April 2006 PD for EB3 and am now on EAD as well.

    Question1: Is it better to try and port my EB3 to EB2 with a different employer. Isn't GC for future employment ? If so, can't I negotiate with another employer and file new labour under EB2 and try and port my priority date from EB3 ? Also, if I do this will my current employer find out ?

    Questions2: What is the process for porting EB3 to EB2 without current employer finding out ? What documents are required ? My current employer is not going to give me a copy of my I-140 or my Labour Cert. All I have is the receipt notice of my I-485 filing and my AP/EAD documents.

    Questions3: Is it possible that since there are so many India EB2 applicants and fewer India EB3 applicants that it is better to stick with EB3 April 2006 PD ? Dosen't a seperate quota get allocated to EB3 than that which gets allocated to EB2 each year or will EB3 always be behind EB2? Please advise.

    I will really appreciate someone who has experience with these issues to advise me on them.

    04-24 09:19 AM
    What was your I-485 receipt date (Note: I am not asking for your PD)

    RD was June 7 2007. Do you have any idea how long it could take to have some respond from them??

    09-17 06:26 PM
    hi all !!
    my husband concurently file I-140 and I-485 (along with EAD and AP) on 22nd June 2007. We got our I-140 approved on 30th August. I have two questions

    1. When can i expect my EAD ?
    2. Is there any rule that i shud start working within some stipulated time after getting my EAD or i can take my own time ?

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